Creme Fraiche

Size: 280g
Form: tub
Serving Suggestion: spread, cooking

On its journey to becoming cultured butter our sweet cream is cultured to make créme fraîche. Another product under our Byron Bay label, lightly soured and spoonable, it’s the perfect addition to both savoury and sweet dishes. Similar to the English clotted cream, a dollop on scones is just the business!

We are fifth generation dairy farmers and artisan cheesemakers.

Producing both cow and goat milk products on our farm in Nimbin, Australia, we are inspired by the regenerative farming practices of our forebears and the traditional cheesemaking practices of France and Italy.

Our produce is what it is. No numbers in the ingredients list and no words you can’t pronounce. Just simple pleasures we’ve enjoyed for generations and are now sharing with you.

Nimbin is a small community of 300 people, set amidst the stunning Nightcap Ranges and rolling green hills of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

Our Region

Our area is the traditional home of the Bundjalung people, with European settlers arriving in the late 1800s to harvest timber and establish dairy farms and banana plantations on the rich volcanic soil.

In 1973, a second wave of European settlers arrived in Nimbin during the 10 days of the famous Aquarius festival. This was an historical moment not only for Australian pop culture, but also the local region, as many people attending the festival decided to stay. This new wave of settlers sought an alternative lifestyle, guided by a philosophy of sustainability, community, resilience and simplicity.

This philosophy continues to drive a thriving local economy of small farm-based food producers, restaurants, cafes, cooperatives, road stalls and markets showcasing some of the highest quality, short supply chain, natural produce in the country.

Our Animals

The goats and cows at Nimbin Valley spend sunny days grazing outdoors across 120 hectares of fertile green pastures. Their wellbeing is a priority for us, so we don’t feed them anything else we wouldn’t be happy to eat ourselves. Their diet is balanced with the correct amounts of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. This, in turn, ensures they produce the highest quality and best tasting milk.

Kerry tends to our animals and conducts regular health checks on each and every member of the herd. If an animal is prescribed antibiotics, she is rested from the milking herd until fully recovered. This is one of the ways we keep our milk and cheeses completely free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.

In our experience, happy and contented animals yield the most wholesome and delicious produce. Try our products and taste the difference.

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